Physician Checking

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As part of our intentionally simplistic strategy, we allow clients to bank the way they choose. Additionally, we offer unique products and services specifically designed for physicians.

Physician checking account includes

  • Very attractive rates on the first $25,000 deposited.
  • Mobile Banking App that gives clients the power to transfer funds, send bill payments and more, all from their smart phone.
  • The ability to conveniently make deposits anytime using a smart phone.
  • Auto Pick Up – via our Nissan Juke, we come to our client’s home or office to pick up non-cash deposits.

Mobile Banking App

View online accounts, make deposits, transfer funds, and send bill payments right from your smartphone.

Online Banking

Use secure Online Banking to pay bills, make transfers, and access our Financial Center, which provides an aggregate view of all your financial accounts (even those not with Metropolitan).


Electronically send personal payments to individuals, ensure same-day payment, and even initiate an overnight check delivery.

Phone and Text Banking

Check your account balances and receive alerts so you can keep tabs on your accounts while you're on the go.

Auto Pick-Up

Got a non-cash deposit you want us to pick up? We'll come to your home or office in our distinctive Nissan Juke!

ATM Transactions

Access funds from any ATM nationwide without fees.*

*You can use any domestic ATM, and Metropolitan will refund any foreign bank ATM fees incurred. In other words, you never pay a fee for ATM transactions in the U.S. on personal accounts.

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