HIPAA Compliant Lockbox

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Our HIPAA compliant Lockbox enables clients to access check images electronically, expedite research and enhance recordkeeping security. With Metropolitan’s Lockbox, you can instantly access images of your deposited checks and remittance documents securely online. We also provide detailed reports that can be customized for your needs.

Electronic Lockbox Image Service Offers

  • Instant access to images via the Internet. Within minutes of the processing cut-off time, the images are accessible with a web browser from a PC, and can be viewed and printed. Search, retrieve, and view images—saving you a trip to the bank or waiting for mail delivery to obtain copies.
  • Highest image resolution. We offer the highest resolution for lockbox imaging. We offer high capacity scanners to make certain clients enjoy the highest quality image available.
  • Expedited research. Online access provides you with a convenient means of researching checks, viewing documents, processing exceptions, and handling inquiries from your clients and customers.
  • Same-day A/R updating. Update your accounts receivable system, resolve exceptions, and identify problem accounts the same day checks hit your lockbox.
  • Detailed reporting. Image metadata—data which is extracted from images such as account and check numbers—can be exported in .csv format, or formatted for local printing.
  • File Download. We also have the capability to build a specific file download to your system by working with you and your team.
  • Stringent security. Our website is compliant with Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) Multi-Factor Authentication requirements.

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